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A poor oral health condition was associated with physical dysfunction in CVD patients. The findings demonstrate the urgent need for affordable dental care for older adults since poor oral health is one of the risk factors for death due to cardiovascular disease.
2. Diabetes

Two-way communication can be established for oral as well as systemic system. A chronic illness can have an effect on the oral health. Periodontal disease is a common condition in diabetics. In a 2018 systematic review released on Acta Diabetal, researchers found that the prevalence of diabetes increased for periodontitis to 86%. Periodontal tissue is more prone to the destruction caused by the disease. It causes inflammation throughout the body.

The research in the dental health journal suggests that diabetes doesn’t affect the biota of microbes. Systemic inflammation may cause damage to tissues and interfere with normal tissue repair , if patients don’t seek treatment. The research on dental health shows that seeking dental service might help, however, evidence is often contradictory.

A 2021 research study that was published within the Journal of Clinical Periodontal shows that treatment for periodontal problems in patients with diabetes type two has shown some improvement due to glycemic reduction. There were studies that showed minimal or no changes. The results of these studies demonstrate the importance of working closely with the orthodontist of the patient and their physician.

A more recent journal published by the International Dental Journal in August 2022 highlights the ameliorating role of a good dental treatment to people suffering from diabetes. Information taken from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey was utilized by researchers to analyze 2191 patients. Research results indicated that proper routines for oral hygiene such as flossing may reduce inflammation.

3. Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes

Scientific research has identified some potential risk factors to be pregnant, such as alcohol use, tobacco smoking, stress, and. P