DIY Screen Printing on Shirts – Source and Resource

Screen printing is a method of printing on clothing, so watch along to learn more! You’re going to need the screen, a squeegee and a an emulsion for photos. Put water in the bottle of sensitizer. Shake, then mix with the emulsion until it is uniform green. Put a small amount on the screen, spreading it thinly and evenly with the squeeze.

Turn off the lights and then place a fan on the screen. Allow it to dry out in darkness. Once it’s dry, you’ll need be quick as it is photosensitive. Print your artwork on transparencies and lay them backwards on the screen. After that, you can push the transparencies using a glass piece and then place a bright lighting fixture on top. This process will last around 30 minutes. You can gently clean the area with brush or spray.

Set out your clothes and lay the screen over it. Then, apply a thick layer of the ink for printing on the screen, and then go through with the serrated squeegee. When you’re done, put a layer of film emulsion over the screen, and use the hose to get rid of it. You’ll need some time to get your shirts looking great. Use the old t-shirts for practice prior to committing to a more expensive piece.