DMX Lighting Made Simple – EDUCATION WEBSITE

ronym for Digital Multiplex. DMX is the standard protocol that allows remote control of smart lighting fixtures. The DMX controller is needed to establish the appropriate settings for lighting systems controlled by DMX. This video covers the basics of what DMX is and how you can make use of it.

Other than using the DMX console/controller, one could also use software that offers different controls. One DMX cable can be capable of sending out packages on up to 512 channels. This is known as DMX more than 512.

When interlinking DMX fixtures, or daisy chaining them, they may be addressed by using the DMX controller/software. The DMX channel can be assigned to a lighting fixture. Noting that DMX can be used to control other lighting fixtures, such as fog or smoke machines, it is also able to be addressed. Consider this in relation to the amount of channels it has.

A RGB fixture that requires three channels can be used on channel 1. It will then take the channels 001, 002 and 003. This means that the next channel available is the channel 004. Two fixtures similar to each other can be placed on a single channel. This allows them to function like one.