FirstChoice Bee Removal’s Business is Buzzing

Removal of bees nest

FirstChoice Bee Removal, a five-year-old bee removal company in North Port, FL has experienced all the ups and downs of launching a new business. We talked with James Willis, the company’s owner, about his experience.

Bee removal is a pretty highly specialized field. How did you get involved in this business?

A lot of research and hands-on experience. I was a residential and commercial builder for more than 22 years, and had plenty of online education, books, and on-the-job training.

That’s a lot of preparation! Did you still run into any unexpected obstacles?

One unexpected obstacle was finding a good web guy. Mike is great and a breath of fresh air. You would be surprised how tough it is to find a “Mike.” We have burned through a lot of money with the wrong people. A mistake we have made is not having respect for the bees! We have had a lot of encounters with them, a lot of running from them, and have found a whole new respect for them!

Were you surprised by the experience of working with the bees?

The biggest surprise was realizing how many bee problems there really are out there. It’s not a problem you would think is as common as it is.

It sounds like you haven’t had much trouble finding customers! How do your market your business?

Ninety percent is online marketing. The internet has made it easier to keep track of all our clients so that, if they call, their info is just a click away. That also helps with travel and our sales leads.

The bee removal business is booming for FirstChoice Bee Removal. For more information, visit


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