Flight Attendants Quick Thinking Protects Passengers – Entertainment News Today

sengers. System are double and triple tests, copilots fly along with pilots and all is closely monitored. The majority of fears are unfounded because of these precautions. There are times when you could have a wild card in your passengers. The majority of times, unruly passengers can get angry and unruly. The video below will demonstrate how flight attendants handle the violent passengers.

One man was travelling on one of the aircrafts that flew to Philadelphia in the direction of Miami. Unfortunately, one man aboard the plane attempted to touch flight attendants inappropriately. He also tried to hit other passengers in the air and eventually turned violent. They quickly discovered a simple solution and used duct-tape to secure the man to his seat. That’s how he was held throughout on the plane until the authorities took him into custody on the ground. This man may need bail bonding services should he be allowed out on bail at all.