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Did you know that roughly 75 percent of new business ventures fail within their first year? Some experts even contend that as many as 95 percent of all start ups will be unsuccessful. And although computer technology and the internet has made starting a business a little easier today than it was a generation ago, there are other challenges that are unique to the entrepreneurs of today with which former generations did not have to grapple.

While there may be more methods and opportunities than ever to put your brand out there, it is not any less challenging to get noticed. For instance, any business owner can go online and start a blog or a Facebook business page, but it will not do much good if he or she has little to no knowledge of marketing and distribution. Fortunately, businesses today have the luxury of Free PR news wire services, including AP news wire. By enlisting the services of free press release websites any size business can get noticed, and begin to expand their customer bases.

Obviously, when an entrepreneur decides to go into business, his or her ultimate goal is to make money, and, ideally, a lot of it. Before that can happen, he or she will have to generate some public interest in his or her revolutionary new product or service. After all, if the public remains in the dark about your product, it does not matter how cutting edge it is, because your business will fail miserably.

Fortunately, affordable press release websites allow businesses of all sizes, and budgets, to generate a buzz around their brands. In fact, there are even free news wire services, including AP news wire, which give every business a chance to achieve their loftiest goals. Although there are a multitude of strategies and tools that savvy business owners can use to expand their web footprints, it might be challenging to find a more efficient way than press release submission services.

When you consider that it is possible to submit free press releases through AP wire services it makes you wonder about the catch. But there is no catch. All one needs is ambition, determination, a good idea, and one of the best free PR services will help with all the rest.