Scott and Nolder Law Firm Welcomes the Public Defender Who Cut His Own Job

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Columbus, OH – October 10, 2013 – Steve Nolder, the federal public defender who made headlines in April for his courageous decision to cut his own job in order to save the jobs of other attorneys in his office has been proudly welcomed to the newly named Scott and Nolder Law Firm.

When the federal spending cuts, known as sequestration, required Nolder to cut his budget, he chose to take the hit himself. Recognizing the importance of the budget cuts, he explained, “These are not luxury services that we’re providing. These are constitutionally mandated services, and because they’re mandated, someone has to do it.”

He told NPR, “The people that came here to work for me came from outside the district, moved their families here, are not necessarily licensed to practice in the state of Ohio — they don’t have to practice solely in federal court, and it seemed to me wholly unfair to target those people, the last in, to be the first out, knowing they had no opportunities in this legal community.”

His choice to lay himself off came as a shock to many and was widely covered by national news sources. His recent welcome to Scott and Nolder Law Firm, a Columbus, OH defense practice, has provided a happy ending to his story. Now partnering with Joseph E.Scott, Nolder proudly represents defendants in the Columbus area.

Mr. Nolder has represented more than 1,200 people in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio, has tried 30 jury trials in federal court, and was co-counsel in defending the district’s first capital murder prosecution, which he litigated successfully. His many qualifications and immense character as demonstrated by his decision earlier this year have made him a welcome addition to Scott and Nolder Law Firm.

For more information about Steve Nolder and the Scott and Nolder Law Firm, look online at The office is located at 35 E. Livingston Avenue in Columbus, OH and can be reached at 614-221-9790.


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