Top 10 Biggest Tow Trucks – NC Pool Supply

ations. DAF CF has also self-recovery capability.
ER-122000 L4

This tow vehicle is equipped with hydraulic stabilizers. This tow truck has the capacity of lifting over 60 tonnes. ER trucks help pull vehicles trapped beneath tunnels, bridges, or bridges.

Century 9055 XL

These tow trucks are often used to assist in the towing of buses. It is the only way for Century tow trucks in pulling vehicles stuck in difficult environments is what sets them apart.

CSR 85

CSR was designed to have the highest lifting capacities. It is compatible with multiple kinds of equipment.

Century M100

The Century M100 can be capable of towing the most powerful vehicles. Remote operator is available in the M100. It can lift up to two cars weighing more than 1 ton in one go.

Rotator 1175

Rotator 1175 features hydraulic rear stabilizers as well as an extension system, and the elevation system.

EuroTow 45

The EuroTow 45 stands out for being the only towing arm that has hydraulic extension.

Honourable Remarks * Boniface Recover Trident Volvo FH16750 * Century 1150 no5853sx73.