Ultimate Guide to Aluminum Grades – CEE News

es. This YouTube video “Which grade of aluminum should I Choose?” provides information for construction professionals and builders about how to choose the best aluminum alloy suitable for various construction tasks.

Aluminum 1100 is a typical aluminum grade that’s 99.99 percent pure, and it has only 1% impurities. This makes it extremely ductile and soft, and is ideal for use in applications that require forming since it won’t be able to harden as rapidly as other aluminum grades. Additionally, it is able to provide excellent thermal conductivity.

Aluminum 2011 alloy can be described as a second type of aluminum. It’s got high capacity for machine and mechanical capabilities. This is often used to make projects on automated lathes. Similarly, aluminum 2014 provides excellent machining capabilities. It is a copper-based alloy with remarkable strength and is perfect for aerospace use.

Aluminum 2024 is a great alloy in the case of applications that require the highest weight-to-strength ratio. Aluminum 3003 is another highly sought-after alloy due to its purity. With the addition of manganese, aluminum 3003 can be 20% stronger over aluminum 1100. Other common aluminum grade types comprise aluminum 6061, 5052, 6063, and 7075. Aluminum suppliers often stock these various grade types available.