We Sit Down for an Interview with Quez Media President and CEO Jose Vasquez

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During our recent interview with Jose Vasquez of Quez Media, we learned about his drive to learn and acquire new skills and how his positive attitude has helped him persevere.

Your company has grown significantly in the five years you’ve been in business. What did you do prior to starting Quez Media?

Jose Vasquez: Over the years, I’ve been heavily involved in tech applications for large print companies, a partner or founder in several startup businesses, and a leader in business marketing until I started Quez Media.

What steps did you take to prepare for launching your business?

Jose Vasquez: I always strive for continued education, so I never stop acquiring new skills and information. I get involved in as many entrepreneurship-based community events and classes as I can and regularly engage with other entrepreneurs in the area.

Have you faced any unexpected obstacles along the way? Frankly, we’d be surprised if you hadn’t!

Jose Vasquez: One of our biggest leaps forward was in early 2012, when we brought on several new full-time team members and moved to a new location in downtown Cleveland. It was a stressful time, but we landed on our feet by staying committed to our core values and always putting our clients first.

Was there ever a time when you thought Quez Media wouldn’t make it? Perhaps you thought about giving up?

Jose Vasquez: There are times when I doubted the eventual success of Quez Media, but I’ve never wanted to give up. Giving up simply isn’t part of my personality. No matter what comes down the pipeline, I try to meet it the best way I can, head on with a positive attitude.

What would you describe as the biggest challenge when it comes to running your own business?

Jose Vasquez: The biggest challenge, I’d say, is finding time for everything. Every day as a CEO you’re pulled in many different directions and many people need your input to keep moving forward. It takes patience, speed, and a great deal of organizational skills to keep up with everything.

At this point in time, are you about where you thought you would be? Ahead? Behind?

Jose Vasquez: Quez Media is ahead of where I thought we’d be at this stage of the game. Our growth has seen periods of rapid acceleration and brief decline, but overall our growth has been enormous and highly rewarding.

Well, that is always welcome news! Where do you see your company in the future?

Jose Vasquez: As we expand, we hope to reach more vertical markets and expand our service lines so every type of business can find a campaign that suits them.

Do you have any advice for people who are thinking about starting a business?

Jose Vasquez: Work hard, plan everything, and never give up. Surround yourself with people you value and trust, put the work in, and there will be nothing stopping your idea from developing.

How has technology and the internet impacted how you conduct your business?

Jose Vasquez: Technology is in everything we do, from simple internal procedures to long-term branding and marketing campaigns for our clients. Technology drives Quez Media alongside creativity, so we’re always reading about the latest tech developments and trying to get in on the ground floor.

How do you market Quez Media?

Jose Vasquez: Quez Media practices what it preaches. We are running an ongoing integrated marketing campaign with several major channels unified under one creative vision. We use SEO, PPC, content marketing, social media, and some peripheral ad placements to drive results.

Finally, do you have any employees? If so, how would you describe your management style?

Jose Vasquez: Quez Media has a little over 20 employees. My management style is based on giving passionate, trustworthy people a fun place to do what they’re best at. I try to find the most talented, committed people I can and give them just enough direction for them to take off. It’s a strategy that allows people to truly invest in their work, and as a result we end up with better, creative, and a happier, more focused team.

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