What a Newswire is and Why You Need It for Your PR Releases

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Did you know that millions of new pieces of internet content are published on a daily basis? According to WorldOMeters, there have been 2.1 million new blog posts just today. You can bet that if you include news articles, press releases, and other content types, the number is far higher. With that being the case, how can you hope to get your own press releases noticed in the continuous deluge of new web content? The answer may lie in newswires.

What Are News Wires?

According to Merriam-Webster, a wire service is a news agency that syndicates the content it produces using electronic means. In the modern age, that means syndicating journalistic articles via the internet. News companies may buy article republishing rights per article or keep up a subscription plan to supplement their own coverage.

Why You Should Submit Your Release to a PR News Wire

The number one reason to use a press release submission service, such as those offered by newswires, is because they can get your news out in front of a lot of people very quickly. Some of the more famous newswires can guarantee that your PR release will be seen across a certain amount of publications. According to PR Newswire, the affordable, effective, and highly visible nature of news wire services makes them extremely popular among businesses.

The News Wire Services You Should Consider

If you are considering utilizing a news wire service for your PR release, then you should absolutely go with the best. Here are two suggestions to get you started.

  • The AP News Wire
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    It seems that whenever you read the news, whether it is on CNN or in the New York Times, you see a story credited to the Associated Press. According to the AP, 1,400 newspapers subcsribe to their newswire and make use of their content on a regular basis. Clearly, the Associated Press is a powerful tool for getting your PR release in front of a lot of readers in a very short period of time. If you want to submit your PR release to the world renowned wire service, contact info@ap.org.

  • Business Wire
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    Business Wire is a newswire service that exists for the purpose of syndicating press releases for a wide variety of businesses in an affordable, convenient way. Unlike companies like Reuters news wire and the aforementioned Associated Press, Business Wire also offers clients expert advice on how to write more powerful, engaging PR releases. To submit your PR release to this service you need only sign up for an account and submit your content.

Both the Associated Press and Business Wire are free news wire services that allow you to get your PR release in front of a huge audience in no time at all. If you are looking for more affordable, more effective ways to spread your news, why would you not use high quality newswires that you do not have to pay a dime for?