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The reduction is actually concentrated in specific parts in the body. What is the mechanism behind this?

This video describes the whole procedure for laser liposuction. Typically, laser liposuction services are performed in doctors’ office under local anesthesia. This means you’ll be awake and conscious during the procedure, however you shouldn’t feel any pain. During the procedure, the doctor will create a tiny incision , and will use a laser to liquefy the fat beneath the skin just near the point of incision. It will be followed by a process of liquefying the body fat.

If you decide to opt for laser liposuction, be prepared for a few days off from the procedure. There is a possibility of mild discomfort, swelling, or bruising. A rise in collagen could make your skin thinner and firmer.

Get in touch with your local cosmetic surgeons want to learn more about a procedure that uses lasers for liposuction. They’ll help you make the correct choice when it comes to what type of liposuction you get.